Monday, March 12th



As i sold exlusively my kimonos at Barneys NY, i went to see the display and also to  perform a clinic ( as they say in professional term).

Don't be affraid by the name, it had nothing to do with medical treatments, be reassure.

So , while some of my besties were enjoying the nice warm sun of Tulum; there i was, facing the stormy NY weather! ans the wind was pretty intense!

Anyway, back to NY and my mission : spreading the love and the message behind my kimonos to the sales associates: each of them is one of a kind, it takes between 10-14 hours to achieve one piece, they all are blessed by a shaman for different purposes. They were so welcoming and so keen into learning more about MONOKI. We had a blast!
It took us the morning, and i had the chance to meet almost everybody; then, around a nice cup of latté, i mingled with the jeans area, where i've found some nice catch ( notably one pair of Frame , and another one from this brand that i like very much 3x1).
The next day, i strolled at the Armory show, an amazing art fair, showcasing modern & contemporary art , at the piers 92 and 94. 
I've discovered amongst the beauties , a lot of inventive and new techniques; specially regarding tapestry. 
A lot of established galleries were there,from NY, London and Paris, but also others ,from south Africa, for instance, ready to tell the stories behind each artists.

Of course i had to get rid of the jetlag ,and therefore headed to the jivamukti yoga studio in NY. I took a class over there.Surrounded by nice vibes and music; the pleasure was all mine !!
Ny wouldn't be NY if i didnt book a mani/pedi ( in a very cool place on mulberry street).
I also indulged at Ricky's NY to grab the latest ultra gel effect top coat, and some hair product ( they were so dry..); and last but not least, i went for a shopping spree at Blue Mercury, in order to discover the latest skincare routine in anti aging product.

As always, New York is vibrant, exciting , fun and most of all inspiring and welcoming.I can't wait to head back there already !