Photo credit : Tristan Aurouet

Photo credit : Tristan Aurouet


Diane Goldstein

Born in Paris, but with a very strong spirited nomad mind, Diane Goldstein creates and designs fashion her own way: playful, joyful with a mystic and spiritual touch that is very dear to her heart.

With both of her parents closed to the artistic world ( her father is an architect and her mother is a sculptor), and after studying at Central Saint Martins in London, she has developed a very strong taste in fashion.
She founded and ran the brand Aprilmay for ten years , the boho meets street and masculine girl with a feminine touch collection.

As passionate with tarot cards as she is with clothes and fashion, Diane is launching today a mystical ,spiritual, intemporal, one of a kind kimono jacket & pants line, called Monoki.

Each jacket comes from a karate school,  they are dyed and washed, and  stitched with leather and fabric  by a special artisan. Then they are all handstitched with multicolored threads, like a signature that is adding a unique touch.
This long artisanal process is ended by the blessing of a Shaman , in Big Sur , CA.for protection.
Then, Diane adds to each kimono a tarot card in which she writes the meaning of it , and the good vibe.
Inside Monoki 's story, you can start to find a mini capsule collection of jacket, pant and even bag, all from Diane's inspiration, combining her love for nice and luxurious fabrics , embroideries, spirituality and mystic.